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Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Loans

TACB has established direct sales relationships with top UAE banks for the purpose of obtaining property-backed term loans or project financing. Mortgage financing can be used for either residential or commercial purposes. Our team has experience managing both portfolios and assisting customers in obtaining financing in a more profitable manner.

Residential and commercial mortgages can be used to release equity from a property or to raise funds to finish a project. In the UAE, the rental discounting offer is also popular.

TACB will help the customer find the best bank with the greatest rates in the market, as well as work with the customer to verify that all bank criteria are met.

TACB can arrange the same facility for Indian Business owners in UAE having properties back in INDIA. The property in India will be mortgaged and against which the Funding will be arranged for their UAE Business. TACB is having special arrangements with Financial Institutions working both in UAE and INDIA regulated by UAE Central Bank and Reserve Bank of India.